La Boveda is more than just a place to eat...

… it’s a place to savor, connect, and create lasting memories.
Dining - Casona Sforza
A new culinary experience rooted in the authentic flavors of the region, showcasing a fusion of land and sea delicacies. With a focus on product-based cuisine, the menu emphasizes the use of seasonal ingredients sourced locally from nearby farms and cooperatives around Puerto Escondido, ensuring freshness and sustainability. Notably, the restaurant incorporates ingredients grown in Pueblo del Sol, including honey, vanilla, and coffee, reinforcing its commitment to eco-conscious practices. Guests can indulge in glocal cuisine, featuring everyday recipes infused with French techniques, ranging from breakfast omelettes with hoja santa and quesillo to dinner options like fresh catch of the day served with mussels, garden salad, and homemade pastries, desserts, and ice cream complement the culinary journey.

At the helm of LA BÓVEDA's

Dining - Casona Sforza

kitchen are chefs Vanessa Franco and Andrés Trujillo

Whose culinary journeys began in Venezuela before being enriched by experiences in various international culinary scenes, ultimately finding inspiration in Mexico’s diverse gastronomic heritage.
Dining - Casona Sforza
Together, their fusion of styles creates a comprehensive menu highlighted by Trujillo’s mastery of Mexican flavors and Franco’s innovative dessert creations. Their collaborative efforts epitomize LA BÓVEDA’s commitment to delivering an exceptional dining experience rooted in passion, skill, and a dedication to culinary excellence.
Dining - Casona Sforza
Trujillo’s culinary prowess, shaped by his grandmother’s influence and refined through experiences in renowned establishments across Venezuela, London, and Mexico, blends seamlessly with Franco’s expertise in pastry arts honed in restaurants across Latin America.